1. Participation is reserved for owners of ice cream parlors, family members or employees who, upon registration, self-certify that they are authorized by the owner himself and that they can use the name of the aforementioned ice parlor.

  2. Each parlor with a production laboratory has the right to only one entry; the competitor can choose to participate in the competition for Pistachio, Yogurt or Strawberry ice cream. Recognitions and prizes will be awarded to the participants that have been indicated in the registration form.

  3. The organization has the right to request the winners additional documentation to verify the information provided in the registration form.

  4. Competitors must show up on Saturday 22nd October at the scheduled times with a Pistacho flavor mixture of at least 3 liters, on Sunday 23rd of October for the Yogurt competition, and Monday 24th October for the Strawberry competition.

  5. The freezing of the mixtures will take place in the appropriate laboratory. After freezing, a sample of the ice cream will be delivered to the Competition Secretariat in a 500 cc thermal package which will be provided by the organization.

  6. A special commission will complete a pre-selection from the samples of the ice cream presented by the competitors, identifying the best 5 (five) to be admitted to the final vote.

  7. The selected samples will then be evaluated by a jury composed by 5 competition judges; this jury will vote in the presence of the competitors with an open vote by means of special pallets. The jury will express its judgment referring to the competing ice cream with the marked abbreviation that will distinguish each container; envelopes marked with the same abbreviations containing the name of each competitor will be opened only after voting is complete.

  8. For each competition there is no ex-equo so, if such a case should arise, a further vote will be held to determine the winner.

  9. The best Pistachio ice cream will be awarded the Green Vespa, the best Yogurt ice cream the White Vespa, and the best Strawberry ice cream the Red Vespa.

  10. The winners of the first three competitions and will receive their respective Vespa, as indicated above, and will also get a change to compete on Monday the 24th for the "Best in Show" final which will award the Gelatissimo 2022 Cup to whoever makes the best Coconut Sorbet (without animal fats)

  11. The final of the Intercoppa Race will be held on Tuesday the 25th October 2022, this competition is reserved for the finalists of the first three days of competition (best 5 Pistachio ice creams, best 5 Yogurt ice creams, best 5 Strawberry ice creams) and the finalists of the Grand Prix 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. The competitor who will make the best “Variegato Amarena Fabbri” ice cream will win a Fiat 500 car.

  12. The organization declines any responsibility for damages of any nature suffered or caused by the competitors themselves that may occur during the entire event.

  13. The organization reserves the right to make changes to the rules aimed at improving the event.

  14. The organization also reserves the right to make changes to the current prize pool at any time

It is imperative to show up in a white work jacket and headgear without company brands.

Registration for the competition has a cost of € 50, payable by bank transfer to the following bank details:

Levati Editori srl

Allianz Bank

IBAN: IT93Y0358901600010570785899