1st Grand Prix 2016

A foreseen success

More than 70 participants, two flaming Vespas and lots of enthusiasm, confirmed by the high number of spectators that took part in the final stages of the event. The first edition of "Gran Prix Gelatissimo", a competition organized by our magazine in collaboration with the Stuttgart Fair as part of "Intergastra" (an international event, specialized in food) took place in the pavilion entirely dedicated to the cold dessert, and turned out to be a success beyond the most optimistic expectations. The original format devised for the event was well received, with over thirty ice cream makers who, during the first day of competition had to produce Cassis ice cream (which is made of blackcurrant; a particular flavor is appreciated in Germany), while on the second day, for the Yogurt challenge, over 40 competitors showed up. During both days samples were subjected to the analysis of a pre-jury, which identified the best five, these were then evaluated and voted by a specialized jury in front of a particularly interested and curious audience drawn by this unprecedented event in Germany. In the end, the winners were Giovanni Floris (Gelateria Alessio in Mainz), who produced of an excellent Cassis ice cream, and Salvatore Cruoglio (Gelateria Conte di Friedrichshafen), who beat the fierce competition with his yogurt ice cream. Giovanni and Salvatore were awarded the two Piaggio Vespas offered by the organization but that was not all, before going back to their ice cream parlors on their new scooters, the two ice cream makers faced off in the "Best and Show", making their best Hazelnut ice cream. A finale was filled with emotions, because unlike what happened in the first two days of the competition when, due to time constraints, the competitors presented themselves with their ready-made mixtures, the two Italian-German artisans, had to start from scratch, with all the stages of production carried out in front of an intrigued and attentive public, and under the careful supervision of Gianni Facoetti. In the end, the jury had no doubts and unanimously voted Salvatore Cruoglio the winner: to him, on top of the satisfaction of obtaining the maximum score, he was presented with the impressive cup as the winner of the "Grand Prix", which will need to be defended in two years, when the next edition will be staged.

Gelatissimo grows up

Beside “Grand Prix”, the exhibitors return from “Gelatissimo” with the shared feeling of a fair clearly on the rise. They enjoyed not only the biennial of the event, but also the fact that the operators who arrived in Stuttgart are not the same ones who attend the Mia di Longarone every year. New faces, therefore, not only among visitors but also in the various stands, with some companies that for the first time interfaced with ice cream makers from different German Lands. All of this as part of an event such as Intergastra, organized with the well-known german meticulousness helped elevate the event.

Jury voting for the best Cassis ice cream: from the left, Luigi Dragoni, Gianluca Montervino, Marco Levati, Dirk Wehner, Marketing Manager Dreidoppel and Andreas Wiesenger, President of Stuttgart Messe.

Final Ranking Currant:

1) Tiziano Floris – Gelateria Alessio points 52

2) Roberto Ghirloni – Eismanifaktur Dussldorf points 51

3) Anne Naumann – Nepple Eis – Dresden points 47

4) Thavakumar Maniam – Arte Dolce Karlsruhe points 44

5) Pollich Soren – Eismanifaktur- Potsdam points 42

Final Ranking Yogurt

1) Salvatore Cruoglio – Gelateria Conte Friedrichshafen points 51

2) Gianni Toldo – Eis Cafè Venezia Kirn points 48

3) Giovanni Talo – Gelateria Gianni Bissendorf points 43

4) Rosario Cacciatore – Caffè Duomo Ulm points 42

5) Guillaume Kuhn – Eiscafè Oma Karlsruhe points 39

The final phase of the preparation of the hazelnut ice cream, needed to win the title of Best & Show of the event, which took place under the careful supervision of Gianni Facoetti

The Awards

Salvatore Cruoglio obtained the highest score from the jury and was awarded the “Best in Show” of the Gelatissimo Grand Prix.

In the photo, the moment of the presentation of the cup offered by our magazine